I’m a multi-disciplinary designer interested in creating thoughtful, engaging, and iterative work in collaborative, process-driven environments. I pull from varied experience across agency, in-house, and freelance roles bringing a unique and holistic lens to my work. I'm really interested in the idea of sustainable graphic design, and I’m also really, really good at finding four leaf clovers.

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Last updated May 2022.

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What is sustainable graphic design?

My approach to sustainable graphic design is based on a theory and practice developed by a former professor Kristian Bjornard called The Sustainabilitist. I like to think about this approach in a few ways:


What you are working on. What is the actual material or subject of the work? How does it (or does it not) align with your personal values, politics, and interests?


How you work with the people involved in your work. Does your design process involve empathy, respect, ethics, and openness? Where in your process does collaboration occur and how is it made meaningful? Are your collaborators paid equitably for their contributions?


How you approach the work itself. How might that shift or change depending on the needs of the project? What methods or tools do you use to solve challenges, and what are the impacts of those tools whether material, interpersonal, economic, or other?


Some of the articles, books, and readings that have informed this thinking: